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horror pumpkin


Money Saving Tips for Halloween. Let’s recycle…. Halloween is looming and so is the much awaited annual Halloween party. Panic sets in when you realise you don’t have a clue where you’re going to buy your outfit from so you…Read more

John Wheeldon in the Isle of Man with his grandson, Charles Ward

John Wheeldon’s 70!

John Wheeldon’s 70 Years Young! John Wheeldon’s 70 on the 22/10/17, our managing director and one of the founders of Wheeldon Brothers Waste Ltd. He is still very active, motivated and enthusiastic whilst still running Wheeldons. Would you believe he…Read more

soldiers having tea in a tank

Fun, Weird & Disgusting Facts

Have you got a pub quiz coming up soon and want to be prepared? Do you want to seem smarter? Are you in the office and want to avoid doing any more work yet? Give these facts a read and…Read more