Moving forward into 2017!

Moving forward into 2017…

2016 has been a great year at Wheeldon’s and we think 2017 is going to be even better!

We are starting off 2017 by installing multiple cameras on all of our wagons, including dash-cams, back cameras and side cameras. They will allow us to see exactly what goes on out there on the road and hopefully keep incidents to a minimum. This investment looks at the health and safety of other road users and pedestrians. It helps our drivers view their blind spots at the side and at the back of the vehicle and therefore manoeuvre the wagon more confidently and safely. Trackers and Bluetooth handsfree kits will also be installed.

Another investment for 2017 is the purchase of a waste drying plant. This is going to be powered by shredded wood, produced by ourselves, which will effectively increase the volume of waste that is recycled. This, in turn, improves the quality of some products we create called SRF (solid recovered fuel) and RDF (refuse derived fuel). Also, when the waste is heated up to 80 degrees, it kills the bacteria which results in less odour through a form of pasteurisation.

SRF produced at Ramsbottom

SRF produced at our Ramsbottom Waste for Energy Plant

To facilitate the waste drying plant we purchased a fire damaged shredder in December. Our expert mechanics have been busy repairing and replacing parts of it. The pictures below show how well they have done! This will produce small pieces of wood to fuel our waste drying plant.


wheeldons fire damaged shredder angled view

wheeldons fire damaged shredder front view


wheeldons repaired shredder front view

wheeldons repaired shredder

We wish you a Happy New Year!

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