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26 September 2017 |

John Wheeldon’s 70!

John Wheeldon

John Wheeldon’s 70 Years Young!john wheeldon outside bridge house, the head office

John Wheeldon’s 70 on the 22/10/17, our managing director and one of the founders of Wheeldon Brothers Waste Ltd. He is still very active, motivated and enthusiastic whilst still running Wheeldons. Would you believe he still works 7 am to 6 pm every weekday and Saturday morning too. He is one of the first in and one of the last out without fail and the guy doesn’t even get paid!

John Wheeldon has been married to Glenda Wheeldon for a wonderful 49 years, you get less time for murder! They had 3 children, Susan, Jonathan and James who also have important roles in the company. You can find out more about them in one of our previous blogs, Meet the Directors.

John was part of the foundation of Wheeldons in 1966 and has had many different roles. 51 years later, one of his major daily roles involves the daunting task of baling over 40 tonnes of cardboard as well as helping ensure the day to day activities at the waste management company are running efficiently! If you want to find out more about how John helped found the business then check out another of our blogs, The History of Wheeldon’s.

At weekend he enjoys tinkering with old cars and going out for a drive.

His favourite night of the week is Wednesday, he has 3 of the grandchildren and takes them out somewhere for dinner, generally to a local restaurant and customer of Wheeldon’s. The 5 other grandchildren are a bit young for his humorous teenager outings but it will soon be their turn.

Watch this space for his 70th Birthday bash next year! Happy Birthday, Dad, have a great day and family meal celebration.john wheeldon in the office


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