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Waste To Energy: SRF Fuel Supplier

We are one of the main producers of SRF in Greater Manchester, who transform your non recyclable waste into an renewable fuel to create a more sustainable source of energy. We help businesses like yours take strides to achieving a Zero Waste to Landfill certification.

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Transforming your waste into fuel

We are proud of our £3 million investment of our state of the art Waste For Energy site in Ramsbottom.

The SRF is transported to our waste for energy outlets such as cement kilns for controlled burning to be used as renewable fuel.

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How does it work?

Let’s break the process down into three steps:

1 – General and commercial waste travels through picking lines at our Bury, Oldham and Failsworth Materials Recycling Facilities, where dry recyclable products i.e. card, paper, wood, plastics, metal etc., are removed.

2 – What is left is RDF, which goes to our Ramsbottom Site.

3 – The RDF is refined further using several shredders, separators and magnets. This turns it into SRF. This is used as fuel to create power for making cement or electricity.

This process significantly reduces the quantity of waste taken to landfill and can help support your business if you want to to achieve the Zero-Waste-To-Landfill certification.

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