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12 April 2020 |

The Big 40! James Wheeldon turns 40

James Wheeldon

Happy 40th Birthday James!

Today on Easter Sunday we celebrate James Wheeldon one of our directors 40th birthday! unfortunately due to the current pandemic we couldn’t have the celebration we had planned (I’m sure we will make up for it). James has been with us for  18 years now and brings so much to our business. Not only is he a fantastic member of our team he’s also an amazing Dad to 4 beautiful children and Husband to the lovely Gemma!

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James is the youngest sibling out of the 3 and we all work alongside each other very closely. James manages our Ramsbottom site and Bury site alongside his nephew James Ward and father John Wheeldon. James has a keen insight into research and development which has developed into strong relationships with others throughout the industry, this allows us to be innovative and keep up with market trends. James is a mechanic by trade therefore he has a good insight into machinery.

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James has a great family life with 3 boys and 1 girl nearly enough for a 5 aside team! James loves to watch the boys play football on a Saturday morning (when he’s not working). James’ latest family addition is his baby girl Nancy Nora who is just the cutest! James will be celebrating today with the kids and Gemma (I’m sure she has spoilt him with all her creative skills!) and we can’t wait to celebrate when we can all be together again.

Happy birthday James we are really proud of you and everything you have done for the business. You truly are such a hard worker and we appreciate you more than you will ever know! We hope you have had a lovely day celebrating

Lots of love the Wheeldon Family xx

Here’s a little trip down memory lane…





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