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fly tipping sign

Fly Tipping Info & Solutions

Fly tipping and the damage it causes Fly tipping refers to when somebody dumps waste illegally. It makes areas look dirty, has detrimental effects on wildlife and the environment. However, even knowing this and facing a fine of up to…Read more


10 Facts About Recycling!

10 Facts about recycling Recycling makes a huge difference to the environment and even the smallest things can go a long way in saving energy and resources. Therefore we’ve put together a list of some facts about recycling and small…Read more

The Wheeldon's - James, Susan John, Glenda and Jonathan

Meet the Directors

Wheeldon’s Directors There are currently 5 directors, Susan, Jomathan, James, John and Glenda. Susan Wheeldon What did you do before Wheeldon’s? My first job after leaving school at 16 years old was at an import company called TMS where I…Read more