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20 June 2017 |

BBQ Tips & Recipes


BBQ Tips

With all this lovely weather we’re having at the minute, it’s only right that you whip out the bbq, invite the neighbours round and start flipping some burgers. However, why not try to impress them with some easy homemade recipes that will really get their taste buds going!

The first step to making your barbeque better than everyone else’s is to use a charcoal barbeque, as it will give you that extra barbeque flavour. Also, having a lid is essential for keeping that barbeque flavour in. When you’re done with the bbq, wait for it to cool down and dispose of the ash in your compost bin.

Another tip from Jamie Oliver’s list is to wait until exactly the right moment to start cooking. Big flames will just burn your food on the outside. Cook when the flames have died down and coals have a light grey colour to them. This is the hottest and evenest heat.

Get the charcoal hot before your guest arrive and have things cooking so when they knock on your door they smell your tasty food.

To test the heat of your bbq, use your hand, cautiously! Always have a bucket of water and a wet towel next to the bbq just in case of a burn or fire.

Hold your hand 5 inches away from the #bbq and see how long you can stand it, without screaming!

6 seconds = low heat

4 seconds = medium heat

2 seconds = very hot heat

0 seconds = Go to A&E!

Make sure to plan out how much food you’re making based on how many guests are coming. Of course, it’s difficult to predict and you don’t want people going hungry with too little food, but reducing the food waste should be a priority. Try to make a large batch at first, and then when that’s running low, ask people separately if they’d like anymore. We don’t want you to waste your money and throw away lots of burgers or steaks. We recommend for men you allow 5 pieces of meat, women 3 pieces of meat and children 2 pieces meat. This is only a quick guide to ensure you have enough meat, you don’t need to cook it all, some can be saved for your lunch the day after if your guests are full!


First up is the main part of any bbq – the burgers. Some like to cover theirs in heaps of cheese or ketchup whilst others prefer to add lettuce and tomato, but why not give the burger a bit of spice with the Tex-Mex burger. All you need is the burger essentials (minced beef, buns, lettuce) and also some Cajun seasoning, Cajun mayonnaise and Pepperjack cheese to give it a bit of a kick. Just mix up some beef, onion, garlic, Cajun seasoning and Worcestershire sauce, shape them into patties and place them on the grill. Whilst these are cooking, quickly mix together some Cajun mayonnaise and seasoning and place it on the burger when it’s cooked, along with any other toppings that you desire – and voila, that’s it, Sandra from number 34 across the road is already letting you know this is the best BBQ she’s ever been to.

An alternative (or addition) to the burgers are the barbequed chicken fajita skewers which give extra juiciness and greater flavour compared to a standard chicken fajita. All you have to do is dice up the chicken breast into smaller pieces and then prepare the marinade by juicing the limes into a bowl and then mixing in some oregano, spices, olive oil and garlic. Coat the chicken in the marinade and place on a skewer along with peppers and whatever else you fancy, throw it on the barby and that’s another delicious option for your guests.

Moving on to something more healthy – the salad. Now if you’re like me then you’ll probably just stick to the burgers and hotdogs. However, salad can be a refreshing option in the heat and you should probably give the Tomato, tomato and cucumber saladCucumber and Coriander salad a try. It’s got 5-star ratings and just looks nice with its vibrant colours and positive nutritional content. If you don’t really like the look of this one and want something that isn’t just fruits and herbs, then perhaps the Tuna Rice salad is more for you. This is also relatively easy to make by just throwing everything together in a bowl and giving it a good mix. Also, if everyone’s too busy with their burgers and not all the salad is eaten, it can easily be covered and put in the fridge to eat later which ultimately reduces the food waste.

Now if you’ve still got enough room for more, then go ahead and try this Sirloin steak with garlic butter. It’s so simple yet looks so good. All you have to do is cook your steaks as normal, but then smother them with garlic butter when they’re done. This moistens them and gives them a great complimentary flavour to the steak.

Have fun cooking with your friends and stay safe.



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